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Lotuswei- Full Bloom: Body Serum

Lotuswei- Full Bloom: Body Serum

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Perseverance, unfaltering strength, persistence, tenacity

Awakening of hidden talents + true gifts

Unexpected leaps and bounds in progress

Making the impossible possible

Awareness of everyday actions + how they relate to greater goals

Fearlessness, openness + confidence

Deeper understanding of your shadow side and illusions

Purification from the inside out of all limitations necessary to accomplish the highest goal

Balance of feminine and masculine aspects. SMELLS LIKE:
A euphoric roll in the Mediterranean countryside after a picnic with spiced oranges & Moroccan tea.

Sweet Orange, Lavender, Coriander, Spearmint + Nutmeg

*This is the blend that practically every person on the earth loves without hesitation, men and women alike.
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